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Featured: Raye Law in PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER Magazine

Wow….just wow……

Earlier this year, one of PPA mag’s editor’s contacted me about possibly featuring some of my work in the magazine. At first I thought it was a spoof email. This magazine is an UNBELIEVABLE honor to ever get into. One thing lead to another, and I was interviewed about my studio. The story snippet is on the front page “Maximize Your Mini-Space: Small Spaces, Big Business”. In the article, I reveal a little about my business practices and how my space works for me. Thank you Cameron and I hope to work with you more in the future.

So, today is pretty surreal for me and I was over the moon that of all the issues, it was one dedicated to babies. And isn’t the cover just gorgeous!!! A big congrats also to Carrie and Brittany of Baby As Art – their cover/feature was FAB.

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I am so so so excited for you! What a WELL DESERVED honor, R. Now, I have to figure out how to get my hands on a copy! :)

Congrats Raye!! So well deserved…your work is so inspiring!!

woo hoo! congrats!

Can you believe I still don’t have mine? lol… April fools on me :)


Raye…you SO deserve this. I’m glad you are getting all this recognition for your talent. Congrats!!

Well deserved!!! I am so happy for you. I am off to go get one. :)


Congratulations! This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Wonder where I can pick one of these up being I live in the middle of nowhere.. lol!


It might feel surreal for you but to all of us it is definitely not surprising at all! Your studio space is gorgeous and perfect and has so many of your special touches. I am drooling over the photos. And you are right… is there a more perfect issue for your article to be in!!!! Congrats, Raye… you deserve it!

You are rockin the baby nation!!!! Cheers to YOU!

Congratulations!!!! How exciting! :)

BIG Congrats to my friend. Very well-deserved. I’ve been bragging on ya to my Arkansas friends!!


Brandy Hawkins

Raye congrats!!! You deserve this more than anyone. After all we do drive 4+ hours to come to you. No one compares to your work!!

Raye, I am so happy for you! I am stalking my mailbox waiting for mine to arrive;).

Major congrats to you. This is HUGE! You deserve it. Love your work.

What an amazing honor! Congratulations!

Congratulations Raye…great work, great space!!! Wondering where you purchased the white tufted chaise lounge…I just LOVe it!


Erin J

Hey! Great work! I am a photog in KS and looking for more baby props. Do you have a rec on blankets? Baskets? Those kinds of things. I know I get a lot of great stuff from etsy, but always need more! Have a great day!!!

Erin J
P.S. I found you through the Crystal Goss blog!

3 weeks

Okay, so I am losing track of what number newborn I am on but there are many more ahead! Little doll was not as “new” as they usually come to me, but I assured mom that at 3 weeks would be okay – it would just take a little more time than usual. Not only did this doll sleep the 4+ hours all the way from Jonesboro, she also let me put her to sleep after a brief wake period and do some playing with a new hat from By the Moonlight. (Isn’t it scrumptous?)


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awww these are so precious and beautiful, amazing work here!


Love these pics!! Great job!

Jennifer Tacker

These are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

Brandy Hawkins

Raye I cannot say thank you enough! You did amazing, I have only seen these few and you have already captured what I was wanting!!! Thank you Love Ya!!!

Completely stunning!!

L-O-V-E these pics and this baby and this family lol…all are too sweet and you did an amazing job on an already beautiful family. The first picture is just precious, but the yawn, the cheeky pic…all are so darlin. You do incredibly beautiful photography!!


You did a great job! I love the one of E and Ross…you captured his soft daddy side. You took a beautiful family and gave them great artwork…makes me wish I had another newborn ;)


Oh she’s pretty!
I loooove the one with her yawning! :)

soon to be 4

This gorgeous mommy was in the studio just over a year ago for a maternity session. Now she is back due with another boy in April. I can’t blame her for having them so close – brother V has to be the most perfect little toddler you’ve ever met. He played and entertained himself for the entire 2 hours in the studio. Oh, and check out the picture he took himself a few down. :)

And I couldn’t resist posting V’s image of mommy (below) he took while sitting in my lap.

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stunning shots. your work is beautiful!!


in love with her | Arkansas maternity photographer

These parents-to-be showed so much love to towards their upcoming arrival. Both being therapists (OT and Speech), they have some hearts of gold and are already accustomed to be being self-less and giving: just what babies require. Baby girl will be the first grandchild on both sides and I am so excited to meet her in a month or so.

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oh my goodness, Raye. These are STUNNING – so elegant and beautiful. love.

These are beautiful, I love your work!




So very lovely!!!

Amanda Beauchamp

These are so beautiful!!!! We had such a blast during the shoot and can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. I can’t wait until Lydia arrives and you get to photograph her!!! We couldn’t be happier with these beautiful portriats!!!

waited for daddy | newborn-maternity photography

This little man came a week early. But he knew what he was doing the entire time…waiting on daddy. You may have seen their story on the 40/29 news. Daddy a soldier in Iraq was in Georgia for tests when he got off the long plane ride, he made it to the hospital just before Baby J made his arrival.

A sweet story…view it at:

and the video at


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i must be hormonal because i cried when i saw the news story! the pictures are GORGEOUS. how fun to be a part of something so extraordinary!!!