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more newborn boy goodness

Baby H finally arrived and 10 days later came to see me. I shot mommy’s maternity session earlier this year as well as the maternity for big bro’s back in 2007. This session was full with a list of shots we wanted to get – which doesn’t always happen with the toddler/newborn combo. I was going to save this following shot for a surprise for mom & dad but I couldn’t resist posting it here. Can you believe we got this near the END of the session – almost 2 hours into it? :) I think big brother V must be the happiest kid I have ever met to give me such a pretty smile way after a nap was due.  Oh, and the gorgeous knitted hat/pod was made my their grandma with love.

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that second shot is the jackpot!!!!! perfectperfectperfect!!!

I LOVE that second one! So sweet!

absolutely precious, raye!! awesome work!

these two kids are too cute! fantastic shots, love every single one.
… and the little knitted panty is the topping ;-)

these are just fantastic!!

Love, love, love them all!!!!! That sibling shot is one in a million!!! How sweet are they? And how amazing are you to have captured it. I am loving your month of newborns. I hope it continues for the month of May too :)

a girl with a curl

April’s newborn madness continues with this little girl from near Pottsville. With a head full of gorgeous, soft locks, mommy can already start styling and primping her. That curl…ah…that curl…love.


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These are beautiful :)

OMGoodness…you did an amazing job capturing this baby’s sweetness! And oh, how I love that one little curl in the front! Such a good looking family, and wonderful Photographer!!! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Lintz

Loving the really close ones. Lips, toes and nose ones!! Beautiful.


These pictures are great!

Jessica Kelley

These pictures are awesome :) Ya’ll are such a sweet family! I can’t wait to hold her!!!


What a precious ANGEL! LOVE the hair and can’t wait to give her her first “do”!!

Amy Magrini

I love the pictures. She is beautiful!!


We can’t wait to see her she is Beautiful….She has those fat cheeks @curly black hair. R.Law done a very good job.

one of my muses

I may type this every time I post a session of the B-girls. Oldest has definitely been one of my muses over the past few years. My images of her have both graced the cover of a magazine as well as a coffee table book. So, when I found this antique bed at a store earlier this month – I knew who I wanted to try it out. The darn rain caused us to reschedule, but it was a blessing in disguise as I had found a new field to add to my collection.

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Kelli Bottjen

These are beautiful!! I just love them :) You captured their spunky personalities perfectly…thank you
(can you tell I have been stalking your blog all weekend??)

Pure magic, Raye! So unique and fun… love each and every one of them!


Out of this world gorgeous!!

Ahhhh!! Fresh, Gorgeous, Fabulous!!! These are soooo stunning, sweetie. Absolutely fabulous.

you are so talented!!! love your backlighting. the one of the little girl running is priceless! that would be on a huge canvas if she were mine :)

So gorgeous!! No wonder the parents are thrilled with these, that first shot is especially divine.



As usual, these pictures are FABULOUS!!! I don’t think I have ever seen a bad photo that you have done. You have truly captured their personalities—so precious!! Wish you could be cloned and put in Austin! These girls take after their most favorite great aunt—ME!!!!

Lisa Lintz

These are stunning! Great job!

beautiful and one

Miss K’s one year portrait session got rescheduled from last month b/c of a reaction to one of her well child shots. Take-two in April and she was ready to go! Toddler shoots can be a tad tiresome – chasing and more chasing, but their honest sweet faces and expressions just tug at my heart and make that all worthwhile.

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I adore the family shot and her on the chair by the “barn”. AWesome.


They turned out so well even after all that crankiness!


Jello and RyGuy – You two have the most beautiful daughter and family. I’m lucky to be able to call you all friends. The pictures came out amazing and I’m excited to hear all about the adventures once 2.0 comes along. ADORABLE!!

She is adorable. I know her momma – sweet family. :)

these are all so gorgeous.
wonderful work!

Michelle C

You guys are so cute!!!


What can I say — beautiful, sweet, innocent, did I say beautiful?! Love the pictures, but really looking forward to some in person time in a few weeks!!

Just perfect, Raye! You did such a wonderful job capturing such a gorgeous little girl. So nice to see you back at your barn again! Your outdoor work is just amazing!

just beautiful! the lighting in these is just magical!

your pictures are always SO charming! darling little girl…and amazing colors.


I love the pics. A beautiful little girl who looks just like her momma.

long and curly

Little man came to see me at day 10. He has some of the longest toes (and fingers) I’ve seen and was so curly that I really didn’t have to pose him too much. Photographing newborns is such a passion of mine. I love seeing what each likes (and dis-likes) as they seem to come out day 1 with their own little personality and preferences. He loved to tuck his arms underneath him and he loved to be patted and often. His little cry was adorably shrill and I couldn’t get enough of him. :)

[And for the photographers: With all these newborns, I started reminding myself to pull out my macro lens as you can see from the detail shots. All of this session was shot with natural light although I tend to mix with my Westcott softbox.]

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Those are so sweet! Such a teaser! I can’t WAIT to see the rest. Thank you so much for your hardwork and patience, it obviously pays off. You’re amazing :)

What a beautiful baby! And you captured him perfectly, Raye. I was going to say that I love the macro shots, but then I thought, no, the black and white wrapped in the scarf, but then I thought, no, really it’s the shots with mom and dad. So really, I just love them all:).

gorgeous beyond words…. absolute perfection.

Lisa Lintz

Love them all, especially the lip shot. Great job Raye!

wow…what a perfect little guy! and the images, everyone of them takes my breath away. love the little green wrap, too.

your work is incredible.
i adore the photo of the lips and baby toes.
i am hoping to pick up a copy of the Professional Photographer today.
congrats on the publication!

Oh my goodness, these are so sweet! These are just great.