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she arrives


Okay so I fibbed….one LAST sneak peek (a mini version again) before I start packing. We are headed out to Florida, yay!!!

L came just a bit early and was just over a week old. She sighed so sweetly while sleeping. Only messing on one blanket, she was very ladylike. I’m used to having piles of laundry to do after a session. She also loved to smile and I caught at least 3 or 4 for mom and dad’s gallery.


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Simply gorgeous!

Just a gorgeous and beautiful session. Love all the light tones here!!!!

WOW – simply WOW. That first one is fantastic!


Wow Raye – just wow. The first image is TRUE ART – breathtaking! you make me want to have more babies LOL

gorgeous, gorgeous work, as always!

what to say… another perfect session with a perfectly gorgeous baby girl. sighing while she slept… awwwwwww….

Lisa Lintz

Raye, these are just breathtaking. You are so talented and those parents are so blessed!

these are precious! love her smile and how you captured it. have a wonderful time in Florida!!

Michele Roberts

Raye, these are gorgeous! I can’t wait for our session in July! Have a great vaca!!

Myra Vachon

How precious!!

Judy Patterson

Flashback in time — I remember when we brought her Mom home for the first time!!! History repeats itself — they are both gorgeous!!! Great pics !!!

OMG. I ADORE these! the shot with the dad is breathtaking….i love how the baby is so relaxed!!!! these are truly an inspiration!!!

LOVELY as always, I just adore your work!


Another quick smaller post for the Noel family before I leave for Va-Cay!

Baby A was my subject as a newborn and so glad she came again for the sitting milestone session. A special thank you to J and his mommy for my hand-made surprise – I have been showing it off to everyone. That was too kind.


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so very beautiful Raye. I adore your work – the connection you have with families and the gorgeous dreamy tones of your photos – all I can say, is perfection.

ditto what anna said! these are yummy!


Awwww…I love them. You are always so good with my kids and I can always count on you to get fabulous pictures of them. Thank you so much and have a great time on your vacation!

oh my goodness…so, so adorable! these are just gorgeous!

sunny day

The above image I promise you was their own sweet idea… The Rahn family has been in front of my camera numerous times. This time sis has a head full of bouncy curls and big bro is such the ultimate little boy.

I have a few more peeks to put up this week before I leave for vacation so although they will be short – hopefully they are just as sweet.




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Granddaddy Rahn

Most beautiful flowers I’ve seen this spring………..especially the two little ones………..We need some of these………

You are right – such a beautiful family. Love all those sweet curls. That first shot is beyond precious. Mom must have just melted when she saw it! Gorgeous work, Raye.

returning one year later


See the newborn in the blog header above? We went back to the very same field one year later. This time, older sis joined us. And next year, there may be a new brother or sister just about sitting up. Life can seem so slow at times and then you look at your children and realize how fast it really is going. In the past month, the Yorgey family has had both joy in celebrating an expectancy and sorrow in losing a brother (and uncle) much too early. So hug your babies today and tell someone you love them…. And remember these wonderful people in your thoughts/prayers.


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I LOVE these! Such beautiful captures of a beautiful family in a beautiful location. Totally beautiful. You are awesome.

Absolutely stunning, Raye. Such a gorgeous family. My thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

wow, what a stunning family! I’m in love with that location, and the images created there… gorgeous work.

Raye, your field shoots are to die for. They make me want to move to Arkansas;). And what a fun, beautiful family to work with–just lovely!

What a treat it was this morning going through so many beautiful images – session after session of pure beauty! I love your work and the emotion in every single image shines through!


Love, love, love these pictures! You are the best. Thank you so much for everything and we can’t wait to see the rest!!

so beautiful!! you captured them perfectly!!

Lisa Lintz

Love, love, love these!

lovely as ever! such a great location…and adorable girls, too!

Kim Seidel

Raye, this whole session is gorgeous! I love the backlit field and the cone flowers around them. You have such a way of capturing families!

naturally smitten


Gorgeous family of three came last week for an outdoor session. The weather was pretty good giving us some nice backlighting at first, then a big cloud came in to give us some variety. Baby B took everything, surrounding him all in. He absolutely wowed me with his wide-eyed looks that flaunted those long lashes he got from his mama. And although typically Mr. Serious, he can’t hide a smile when he sees his daddy…

They brought along a heirloom rocking chair – isn’t it fab? And B showed off his funny face at the very end of the session that I had been dying to see – I was smitten. Gosh he is one cute dude.

Enjoyed photographing your little man…


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The one of him sitting on the cushion in the field is perfect! What a smile!

Brian and Ashley

Raye! The pics are awesome and you are amazing! Thank you for being so observent and focusing on what we appreciate most!!

Renee Durham

These are precious!!! #4 is my favorite…. Renee

AWww baby bennett is just too precious!!! Beautiful family!!

perfect. simply perfect. loooove the clouds in the second shot. wow. :)

Mariah Williamson

LOVE LOVE LOVE All of them! Brought tears to my eyes!

Raye these are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! And yes…the Ahlert’s are a very Natural Family…absolutely beautiful!!!

Nancy Ahlert

What a beautiful family! Love the rocking chair. I am a very proud Nanah Nancy.

stunning, every single image!

oh my word…he is adorable!! such fantastic shots! the chair is great..and so is his smile! gorgeous session, raye.

Cindy Weber

What a beautiful family! Raye is adorable! It is obvious you are all very much in love with each other.

Cindy Weber

Oops! Bennett is adorable! Great work Raye!


#7 is my fav. These are just beautiful, I didn’t even know you were getting them done. Raye, we do everything the Ahlert’s do, so be expecting some new clients!!! Just gorgeous.

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I am sure that Ashley appreciates them too!
@Heather – LOL & would love to meet you. Contact me anytime although I will be out of town this weekend.

Lisa Lintz

This child is beautiful. Great job, Raye!

oh my goodness, you captured such adorable expressions from him, and I love the cushion and chair in the field shots. You have such a magical quality to your work!