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Mom mentioned at the end of the session that when trying to decide on clothing for the shoot, she went to my blog but really never notices what my subjects are wearing. The clothing doesn’t stand out…just the people themselves. To me, that is one of the best compliments a family photographer can get. True…some items can be distracting – but I don’t believe you must break the bank on outfits to “make” a picture.

I photographed these boys last year for the first time during the Holiday Mini Event and we had talked about doing a family session earlier in the spring, but the rain delayed us…enjoy Brooke!


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Oh Raye, that is such a wonderful compliment. And so very true. You have a way of capturing the love and emotion of family better than the rest. Gorgeous set! Mom must be thrilled!

Aunt Amanda & Uncle Clarke

I have the most precious nephews EVER! These pictures are beautiful! Love them all!!!!

Mema & Papa

The boys are a pair to draw to! Raye, thank you for capturing some awesome momories! Those are our precious boys!


Raye, you are amazing! Thank you so much! I love them all!

Florida fam


Honestly, I feel like the images here alone show what a brilliantly fun family came this week without me having to tell you so. They were so easy to connect with. A family portrait was waaaaaay overdue and I’m very grateful they chose to work with me.

The Pruitt family resides in Florida where dad works in TV (for one of my golf-coach dad’s favorite channels!). Sis has been practicing ballet since she was 2 and the handsome brother is all into football. And mom, I’m so glad we met. For my blog followers, please keep their grandmother in your prayers as she has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Many blessings to you…


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Lynn Nalty

Oh, I adore all of these. What a beautiful family!

Ok, these pics are stunning! Raye once again you are amazing!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh…I love all of those! It’s alway so nice to visit your blog!

What an amazing set of photos. Love all the variety and you can really feel the love between them all. I couldn’t imagine picking a favorite family photo if I were the Pruitt family. Wonderful and gorgeous work, as always!

that last one is breathtaking! gorgeous work…love all your work!

these are just gorgeous! the light is amazing!!! beautiful work.

Wow, what a gorgeous family! The lighting is absolutely gorgeous! Prayers for their grandmother!

jeremy moore

amazing family raye, love the shot of the sis on the dock!

debi ruggles

i absolutely love your style raye. you are the best this family is gorgeous!

beautiful spunk


I’m a bit behind in blog posts. I have a few other fields sessions to post as well as an amazing long distance family from last night. I’m grateful that the field is still hanging in there despite some rough weather this week. You’ll see it a few more times as there has been a shoot or two a day since returning from vacation.

“A” is a bouncy, giggling, beautiful, spunky girl with personality. She had me in fits of laughter many times. We started with a few indoor, then went out to pick some flowers, and ended up at the barn to show off her favorite horse and hat.


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what a beautiful session and a gorgeous location!!!!!

Sandra Girdner

This baby is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, I believe this to be true, I am one of her grandmothers. The photos that you took are great. These need to be on a postcard. You do great work.

Stephanie Choate

This are the most perfect and gorgeous pictures I have ever seen. I am her aunt Stephanie and she looks like a little angel.

debi ruggles

hey rachel! i absolutely live the photos! you have captured her personality perfectly. i can not wait to see the rest of them!!

these are just gorgeous!! what amazing light and beautiful location. fantastic!

Beautiful images, Raye. She looks so fun and full of life and you captured it perfectly.

so absolutely adorable! love the cowboy hat with the pony in the background…and that little bit of attitude. simply the best!

daddy’s boy

professional newborn photographer

Little guy was due on my birthday, but he was induced to come a bit earlier. Poor thing had a rough start and a few scary hours. He is all good now and very much a content baby. Big sis came to me as a newborn and I remember she had some hair just like his…only a bit darker. She loves him so much and is the little 2nd mama if you will…

Newborn photography is such a passion to me…I want to show not only how bendy and tiny they are but something much deeper. I always try to encourage parents to be in a few even if they are not feeling their best…but despite any lack of sleep showing, I want them to remember and show that emotion that was there those first magical days.

the professional newborn photographer
commercial professional baby photographers

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Raye! These are just stunning! Seriously, I can see the emotion. Little boy is so precious too!

Wow, wow, wow…… What a gorgeous session. Those are two absolutely stunning children and the emotion you captured is so deep and real. You are so incredible, Raye!

Oh Raye, these are amazing!! What a smiley boy he is! Love the basket one… your light is beautiful!

these are all so incredibly gorgeous.
i am in awe of the newborn smiles.
your work is so beautiful!

These are awesome moments you’ve captured! You’re work is such an inspiration. :o)

These are gorgeous! Your light is lovely and what a cute, smiley baby!

Raye, these are just stunningly gorgeous! LOVE the ones of baby with mom and dad and the smiles are just too much! Your light is beautiful!

Michele Roberts

Raye, I love these! I love how you captured the emotion of mom and dad. The very first one with dad is awesome! Your work is amazing!

love these raye. goodness what a smiler! :)

Gorgeous work! I love them all. Simply beautiful and lovely.

Your work is inspiring, I wish I could have had you take pictures of my children when they were babies!

The beauty of the light and composition in that first shot is breathtaking…amazing photograph! Cheers, Rob

magical place


I am back from a very short vacation to Disney. Whew!! Amazing fun was had, but amazing exhaustion tags along. My oldest had his birthday at the Magic Kingdom (as well as me) and now we plan for the party at home.

I still have a full schedule this week, but will try my best to return calls/emails asap.

And here is our magical place…a new coneflower field spotted for me.


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You have the most wonderful locations to shoot! I love your blog and check it regularly for inspiration.

what gorgeous light! just beautiful!

Absolutely GORGEOUS lighting & location!

These are just beautiful. You have adorable children.

Stunning, almost like a dream! Janell

happy birthday, raye! gorgeous boys…lovely light. looks like you’re still celebrating!