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he’s not pretty, he’s handsome


I get in trouble all the time calling my own kids “pretty boys”. That term quickly gets corrected by my husband. Now when I tell them that, my 3 year old corrects me saying “mama, I’m not a pretty boy, I am haaand-some”.

Well, either way, these boys that came to visit me this week were such photogenic delights – pretty handsome fellas. We could have easily finished within an hour, but instead we stopped when I filled up every card I brought.


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I Love these :) What great lookin boys!

Once again, jaw dropping gorgeous session! Such beautiful color and light – how will Mom ever choose! And you are right, they are such handsome young men.

All of these are gorgeous!

jodie G

I can see why you used up all your cards! Every mom should have pictures like these. I LOVE them all, but the image with the youngest pointing up at the sky is such a fantastic shot.


I LOVE them all.

Aunt Fer Fer

My gorgeous sweet sweet boys.


Beautiful setting for very handsome guys. The pictures are awesome!


GORGEOUS!!! They are beautiful!

fall family kickoff

fall family professional portraits

Yay!!! The beginning of fall is here. I have a love-hate relationship with fall. It is by far my most favorite time of year, but it goes by waaaaaaay too fast. Before I know it will be December, and I will (like always) be behind on my Christmas shopping.

I may have a few spots remaining for 2009 – please email to inquire about booking.

You may recognize this family if you have visited the Client Welcome site as they are on the front page. They are always a blast and easy to be care-free, pure naturals in front of the camera. We lucked out with some gorgeous cloudy weather (typically only associated with rain). I could get use to that as it makes my processing time much quicker and we don’t have to worry about facing any particular direction.


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Yay, I love fall too because it means you will probably be updating your blog every day with a new sneak peek :) These are incredible!!! What a gorgeous family and they look so at ease in front of your camera. You were right, the lighting is absolutely amazing here! Beautiful, beautiful session!

These are all awesome. I especially love the “muscle man” one. I wish California had more of a fall. It is my favorite time of year. Happy busy season!!

Fun, fun, fun – third last is hands down my favourite. Wish you were closer my friend!! xx

oh so gorgeous, R. That black and white on the box is just beautiful. Such a perfect session. Love them all!

Seriously Raye, you are killing me with all these fantastic sessions. Love every single one!!

Wonderful session….every single image is fabulous. I am in LOVE with the one of the little boy being thrown into the air and laughing…LOVE LOVE LOVE.

greatest compliment


It’s always a wonderful compliment when another photographer chooses you to capture their family. Our own kids are sometimes the toughest, plus the fact that we are rarely on that side of the camera…any with my head in the frame are priceless to me!

Melinda of MJW Photography in Bella Vista has three gorgeous kiddos. While the session was geared towards the family, it was sure hard not focus a few on them individually too.



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These are so fun and happy and I adore your processing! Of course other photographers would choose RAYE LAW to photograph their families! You are amazing! <3

I love it Raye. It is so true. It’s obvious the kids loved you! I would be one happy mama if I were her.

Raye these are great! It was so strange being on the other side of the camera, but you made it very easy. Thank you so much for capturing who we are. :)

I can definitely see why she chose you. So stunning!

No surprise you were the photographer she chose! These are absolutely amazing photos! I love that you have such a variety… capturing those candid and fun photos along with the more serious and serene ones. Absolutely stunning. I think a definite favorite session for me:)

Amazing, amazing Raye – such a beautiful, happy session and so full of love.

i love these raye! what a wonderful session :)

Beautiful children and you captured them so well….

tiny traveler

arkansas newborn photographers

Another long distance tiny traveler made her way into the studio last week. Mommy joked that babe slept better in the hotel in Fort Smith than in her room back home. She still managed to have some zzzzz’s before her 4+ hour trip back to McGehee.

professional newborn baby pictures


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Just beautiful!!!

These are gorgeous!

Oh, Raye… I just adore this session… LOVE them all!!!!! Those are more than worth the 4 hour drive each way to your studio. Incredible!!!!!

Gorgeous session – love the soft tones and adore the second image :)


what tha….. heather i did’nt know she was here yet!!!
congrats to you and jesse,
awsome pics raye!

these are just beautiful! I adore them all! what a beautiful baby..

Lisa Lintz

These are incredible! What a talent you are!! She is a beauty!

Oh my goodness Raye, these are breathtaking! Just beautiful. You continue to amaze me.

Kaleigh's Grammy (Mrs. Carolyn)

These are beautiful! And hope to meet little miss a soon!!

Heather Abbott

Raye, we love them all! Thank you so much! It was so worth the trip and we are so proud of these pictures of Baby Avery!

Mary Jaggers (Nana)

I knew she was beautiful but those pictures are just amazing. You certainly know what you are doing.Great work!

Stunning! I love the one of daddy and baby together, especially. The light, composition, and the emotion is just fantastic!

Beautiful images.

Todd and Carmen

Our niece is beautiful!

Teris & Drew Butler

Avery is so precious! Congrats you guys! She’ll be so much fun! She is just beautiful!Awesome photography…! -Teris & Drew

WOW would be a huge understatement! Absolutely amazing Raye! Each and every one is special and beautiful!!!

Raye, I love all of them but the third one is just awesome!! These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby girl!!

Love them Raye. So light and airy.

Lou Abbott

PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!A beautiful baby and a very talented photographer. Of course my son and his wife are beautiful too. I love all the pics. If you haven’t guessed, she is my Grandbaby…….Thanks for the memories. (Jamma)

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I’m in awe.

a very special session


Little T had the first session after my return from California. He is such a calm baby with almost another sense about him. You can feel it when you hold him. It makes sense though because he is special. A gift for his mother from his father before his daddy’s untimely passing not long after they found out they were pregnant. I am told that his father, Thomas Culp, was a brilliant teacher and good man. I can see glimpses of him in his family now of 3.

Thomas lives on through them. And how it gave me chills when I found out that that his son was born on his birthday. To see their story visit their blog and also say a prayer or two for these sweet babies and their unworldly strong mama.


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What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing – the photos are wonderful!

Wonderful images and the story is so touching. I love his little dimple on his ear (from her blog) and her faith is amazing. – bridget

My heart skipped a beat when I read their amazing story and I’m so glad they picked such an outstanding photographer to capture this special time in their lives! Raye- these are BEAUTIFUL!

What a touching story. Beautiful images, Raye.

Raye! I don’t have the right words to express my gratitude for our session you gave us. You captured my sweet babies’ spirits in your photographs. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and for your (and others who have commented on your blog)kind sentiments.

I have no words Raye – what a beautifully touching story and the images… well, they are amazing as always. x

These are SO amazing, Raye. What a gift.

Bonnie, you look SO beautiful. A beautiful example of strength and faith. Baby T is precious!

Thank you so much for taking these beautiful pictures of Bonnie and her kids. I know that they are a blessing to her. They make me just want to scoop Little T up and kiss all over him! They’re beautiful! I wish you lived closer :)

The photos are so incredibly beautiful and their story is absolutely heartfelt. What a strong family and it is so wonderful to see this sweet little boy being celebrated in such a gorgeous way! Amazing…

oh my goodness.. i caught my breath reading their story. beautiful images, he is beautiful, what a beautiful family, thanks for sharing

Julie H.

The Culp family is amazing! Bonnie and I are dear friends and the way you captured her love for her babies is so uplifting in these photos. Your kind words brought tears to my eyes as I to see Thomas in both of his children.

Just stunning as usual Raye! post them on Beyond…and also wanted to tell you to put your “gear” there as someone was looking for one of the items. Hugs

amazing work!


wow.. these are some great shots.. You should feature your services/products on the Fort-smith community, classifieds section.

Wow, chilling story. And beautiful family. Great work Raye.

Awe what a touching story…you’ve definitely given this family an amazing gift.

Amazing…and a what a gift :)