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one of each arrives

oklahoma professional newborn pictures twins

Twins…a girl and a boy. Each with their own little personality already.

newborn smiling

oklahoma newborn photographers
arkansas professional newborn baby portraits

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faves… #’s 5, 6 +7… 5, though… oh my gosh! SO SWEET!

holy smokes…these are over the top!

Kristi Cooper

OMG Rachel….these are so sweet!!! Brings back sweet memories of my two! Even makes me want more!!


OMG!! They brought tears to my eyes! They are absolutely perfect… Thank you so much for capturing our little miracles.

These are gorgeous!! Stef – How will you ever choose which pictures? You will just have to wallpaper your whole house with these!

Such beautiful little babies. You did such a fantastic job with these little twins… amazing work. They look so serene and peaceful.


Great pics. You have a beautiful family. Enjoy every moment.

in bloom


The fall flowers are blooming…this field is one of about 8 or 9…actually this particular one is a front yard. I pray every year they last until November and that they survive the mowers.


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You always find the most gorgeous fields! Awesome work as always girl.

such a great set. the little one is a doll!
I love that front yard.

OMG! Gorgeous! And that 7th picture – the black and white of sweet cutie pants…my jaw hit the floor! beautiful shot!

What a huge share of gorgeous work, Raye! Oh my. What an adorable little girlie and such great interaction you caught between siblings. I love these fields so much… my favorite flowers. Maybe I should plan our trip down there for fall instead of spring… hmmm… :)

These are so so gorgeous! I am dying to see what you do with your beautiful fields this fall!!!

these are gorgeous! really beautiful photos! love the one of the little girl in blue on the chair!

Oh WOW… this location is breath taking! As are the children. Their simple attire really makes this timeless. Great job!

These are beautiful. That blue dress against the yellow is just perfect. Mom did a good job on that one (:

featured: Survivor Spotlight – Susan G Komen

I am thrilled for my client turned friend who is now a cancer-fighter. Kristina, you may remember her story on my blog, is now featured on the Susan G Komen for Arkansas blog. What great timing as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am so proud of her.  Check out her interview.

It is never too early to get a mammogram if you do find a spot. I just went in fact this summer at 32 since both my mother and grandmother had it. I am excited to use this blog as a platform for awareness. Please take a minute to do a self breast check.


The Fall MINI session event that I hold each year will be October 23 & 24 and some proceeds will go to Susan G Komen foundation. All Saturday spots are now filled, but  few remain for Friday. If you cannot attend, but would like to give in honor of Kristina, just contact me and I can fill you in on how to do so.

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Beautiful photo and a wonderful cause!

soon to be…

fort smith newborn with brother photography

…each other’s best friend. I just know they will be… And how that time will come so fast. That time when mom will overhear them playing make believe or telling each other “I love you”.  It is so special to be able to photograph them together just starting out getting to know their friend for life.

fort smith arkansas newborn photographer

ar newborn professional newborn pictures
sweet sleeping newborn professional pictures
professional black and white newborn photographer

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oh, i love sibling shots so much. perhaps b/c i know how hard they r to get, but also how much they will be cherished for years to come. wonderful work.


These pictures are perfect! It is amazing how you capture the perfect shots and emotions. I can’t wait to see them all. My husband is not a fan of getting his pictures made so I am truly amazed that you got him to smile :). Thank you so much for taking the time to get us great family pictures that we can cherish for a lifetime!

Raye, your newborn sibling and family shots are amazing! I am always in awe of your talent.

little caterpillar

fort smith arkansas outdoor newborn photography

We bundled this babe up for a few minutes outside my studio. I think he looks like a little caterpillar. And yes, those leaves are real… I can’t believe how big my tree made them this year?!

arkansas fort smith newborn photographer
newborn photographer
arkansas family professional pictures photographer
outdoor newborn photographer

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So So sweet. Great job. I love the family one. What great expressions! I love all the connections.


Such beautiful images, R. Always inspiring. That first little catepillar image has to be one of my favorites from you ever. Just adorable!

beautiful work! amazing colors and tones! i adore the outdoor shots! just beautiful!

Oh my GOODNESS!!! That first shot is to SO GORGEOUS! I love all these, though! Beautiful!

Oh wow, I would get them all huge on canvas! Stunning as always Raye.

awww absolutely beautiful and perfect!

These are all so beautiful! Could the first one and the family one be any more perfect? I hope these are made into HUGE wall portraits!!!

I loooooove the first one! The colors and light and mood – it’s all amazing, so warm…

Tara Wolford

Just got to see these Raye and I LOVE them! My little “caterpillar” looks so cute! I can’t wait to order tons and tons!