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natural beauty

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I know I have been MIA on the blog but I had to come share this sweet newborn from Conway. She had the most gorgeous natural highlights in her soft hair…such a gorgeous baby!

DSC_9000 copy
DSC_9058 copy2
DSC_9182 copy
DSC_9809 copy
DSC_9817b copy
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love these! super cute!


Raye, these are absolutely beautiful!!!

Beautiful pictures. So soft and gentle. Great work!!!


You truly are the best Raye. I was in shock when I saw these pictures. Thank you so much.

Heather Abbott

Awesome pictures as always Raye!! Congrats Robin and Clint! She is gorgeous!!

omgosh these are absolutely precious and perfect in every way!

Oh that hair! Beautiful!


The most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen!!!

Thinking I might have another baby, JUST so you can photograph him or her. ;)

everything about him

photographers in fort smith arkansas

His gorgeous baby blues…and long feathery lashes…and cute pinch-able cheeks, and the perfect soft swept hair…I could go on and on, but I’ll let you see for yourself why everything about him is adorable.

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DSC_9759x copy
DSC_8500b copy
DSC_8535 copy
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DSC_8423 copy
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You never cease to amaze me Raye- these are just STUNNING!!! What an adorable baby and you captured him so well!

Erin Cook

I love all of them! I can’t thank you enough!

Lori England

I am so glad that his mommy made the short trip to Charleston to have these precious memories captured by such a talented photographer. I wish you would have been around when my kids were babies. Keep up the good work!

Mindy S.

These are gorgeous Raye. What a cutie!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

last northwest arkansas fall family of 2009

rogers, ar northwest arkansas fall family photographer

This family had my last opening for 2009. What a special one too as I have photographed them many times and it is always a pleasure.

A note: In months of December and January, the studio will only be open for newborn sessions and client ordering.

Now, that all sessions are completed, I will be kicking into overdrive this week to ensure all deliveries will be made by Christmas. Because of the time crunch, galleries cannot be extended.  Thank you so much to everyone for truly the best fall-family experiences yet!


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LOVE that mommy/baby photo and the sibling shot!!! WOW. lovely warm colors. simply beautiful.

Amy Welborn

IN LOVE with these photos!!!!


You have such a talent for capturing emotion in all of your work. The shots with the parents are perfection. I adore the last one. Wish it were of my little ones!

makes my heart happy

fort smith arkansas child photography studios

This post makes me so happy for many reasons…A very thoughtful person gave this mommy a gift certificate for a session in celebration of her children – and what gorgeous, beautiful souls they are. It is a session like this that makes me feel once more reconnected & reinspired about what I do for it wasn’t about any new location or prop, any specific outfit, any specific idea or pose – it was about THEM.

This week is all about taking a step back from the routine daily chaos and realizing what blessings you have been given. As I type, I have two of those in their tiny beds…and my love of my life in mine. That’s all that matters and thank you God for each day I have with them.

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What an AMAZING session Raye!! Gorgeous kiddos, gorgeous processing!!!

What an absolutely beautiful session, Raye! Every image is just beyond gorgeous. What a lucky mom to have such beautiful children and you to capture them:).

STUNNING!! The images just sing….such beauty, Raye. Wonderful, wonderful job. You are so inspiring.

Totally gorgeous!!!!!! You are the best Raye!!! (And I’m a nerd, because I’m excited that I have the same blanket as you!!)

Wow what a beautiful session!!! The light & your processing are perfect!

so great raye! you are the best! love them all!

Lisa Lintz

So many things to love about this session. It would be hard to pick a favorite but leaning towards brother kissing sister with blanket wrapped around them & love the one of

Lisa Lintz

…(to finish what I started) sister standing in chair…everthing about that picture is divine.

beautiful images raye

Kelley Darr

These are beautiful, Raye! The one of the brother/sister kiss with the blanket is amazing. It is going to be so hard to help her pick favorites.

Seeing this session makes me so happy too!!!!! What a beautiful family and you captured them perfectly! Everything you do appears effortless yet with untouchable results. You have such a special touch to every session and I always look forward to seeing them!!!

Gretchen Davis

This session is just beautiful! I love the emotion and the heart behind these. I can totally hear their family song through these. Gorgeous.

I just love everything about these – the mood, the light, the gorgeous children. So simple yet they speak volumes about family love. xoxo You are the best, R.

Magic my friend…. pure, pure magic xx

Oh aren’t they gorgeous. What a beautiful family.

a beautiful cloudy day

greenwood arkansas child photographer

I really love all the texture this session had in it (the leaves, old corroded metal, rocks, wispy grasses, etc.) Mom really wanted some by the old trucks and then it seems the natural progression has been downtown and on to a field. These sisters had such unique and different personalities – each having their own beauty. And even though it was a day full of clouds, they were shining.

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just lovely!

So beautiful and such lovely locations. They must be thrilled with these!

Your locations are the best! You captured this family beautifully.