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family connections with photography . little rock arkansas photographer

Lots of fall family shoots and spring baby bumps & newborns have had an effect on my blogging lately. The Hoover family from Little Rock, AR was one of the last families of 2010 and I enjoyed all the golden sun I could that day!

family of 5 photographed by old barn

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Mary Beth


[…] North Carolina to meet up with our amazingly talented friends, Raye and Mindy.  They are doing a photography speak-n-shoot and have asked Will to be a baby model.  We are so excited and feel so grateful to have such a […]

one day…

My friend, Mindy Harris of Los Angeles’ Pastel Photography, spent 4 days with our family capturing us being us  – our silly, crazy, loving wonderful life, complete with wild hair, dirty fingernails, kisses, wrestling, cuddles. How I am forever indebted to her.

Mindy, I love them and you. Thank you – theses images are more than I ever could have dreamed. You are a one-of-a-kind talent and I cannot wait to see you again come March in North Carolina! Here are a few but see more than 70, yes SEVENTY, more at her blog.

One day…when I am old and gray, my boys will have the following images to look back at and remember. I want them to remember our love, our snuggles, our dorkiness, and how they are our world.

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They are wonderful!

Wow, these are stunning. I love how she always seems to capture true love.

I am in love with her work! You have such a beautiful family! What a gift!

I absolutely LOVE following both you AND Pastel, so this post was an extra good one! Your family is gorgeous and she did a great job. Thanks for all the inspiration, both of you!


What beautiful photos. You are so right about getting in front of the lens. Even without being a photographer, it is usually me taking the photos when our family goes anywhere. Note to self: let someone else take the photos every now and again!

PS. Your boys are gorgeous!

wow, gorgeous!!! i would LOVE to have pictures like this of my family. lucky lady!! you are all beautiful!

Soooo beautiful they made me cry, its wonderful that Mindy could capture the love in your family like you do for others.

Wow Raye, I LOVE these!!!!! Such sweet images of your family!

You and your family are just beautiful. And so lucky to have such a talented friend to capture the love shown in these photographs!

what can I say but absolutely breathtaking Raye. I adore the way she captured your beautiful little family xxx

Such absolutely beautiful family pics!!! What a treasure your friend was able to create for you! Just lovely!

These are just beautiful…. :)

First of all…your family is beautiful! What lovely pictures!

Second…about the tile for the backsplash. I just blogged about it answering your question. Here is the link. :)

I was just there at her blog and I could not get over how beautiful your family is. Wow. Just amazing. I could see the love and happiness in every shot : ) Wonderful beyond belief! How will you ever pick what to frame?

Raye these are amazing… your family is *so* gorgeous and happy. These images just made me smile.

Oh wow, these are absolutely stunning. Nice to **see** you again Raye (I met you at Inspire Me in Queensland, Aust. Your family is totally gorgeous, and you all look so happy and in love :)

a favorite . professional childrens photography

How is it that my favorite image of the entire mini session event is the one that is uplanned, unposed, and unprepared?

This is Kristina Thomas. A mommy of three beautiful girls who is just about to celebrate 1 year post breast cancer.

I asked her to help me the day of the minis which benefited Susan G Komen. And her girls were the last ones I photographed that day. She came directly from her walk in the race for the cure with no intentions of being in the frame.

She had not picked out a perfect matching outfit. She had not dieted that week. She had not touched up her makeup or had her hair done or worried about what shoes would be right or if they would be in the photo.

Ask her now if that mattered.

I asked my mom this week what photo of her and her mother was her favorite, her most cherished. She knew immediately. It was one that was taken a just a few years before my grandmother had passed away. She had just worked in a cafe grilling hamburgers not looking her best, hair up and even a bit sweaty. But they are together. And happy.

What will your kids say?

This week I have an awesome friend coming from L.A. to photograph my own family. This is what has me thinking about my own insecurities about being on that “other” side of the camera.

25 years from now…when I look back through all my photographs, what will I want to remember? Hopefully, I will be that person that sees through what we were wearing, or what we looked like, or if there was a bump on the head, or a double-chin…and just see the beauty of those years when we were parents to 2 awesomely unique little boys who filled each day with craziness and laughter and meltdowns. Yes, I want to be taken back to that day. Where we like to snuggle and kiss and hug and play and wrestle. This is why I am a photographer…and I type this to remind myself.
love raye xo
pictures of sisters posed outdoors in golden light by raye law
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Perfect shot! And perfect post. It’s hard to remember to take a step back from the planning and perfecting and just to let your guard down. These type of photos are my favorite and even more so when they are so treasured by the people in them.


I am in sweat pants, I have no make up on and the kids dresses are not perfectly placed. But, the image is perfect. It captured who we are and how we really are together. A moment I never want to forget. Thank you Raye

perfect image. perfect words.

Raye, what a sweet story and shot – I’m so glad you were able to capture that for them. I’m also so so glad that you will be photographed with your boys, I know so very deeply that you will treasure having that with them. You are beautiful inside and out, there is nothing to be insecure about, I hope you will forget the camera is even there and enjoy a sweet time with your family. Hope you share a few images from your session when its complete, have a wonderful weekend!

Agreed! Perfect picture!

I love this.. love it. The words, the pictures, your thoughts, the whole thing. Thank you for sharing!

What a touching photo and touching sentiments. Thank you. I am a new fan!

Thank you for sharing this, Raye. I have been thinking about this exact same thing for the past couple of weeks and you stated it perfectly. Love the image–perfectly perfect.

Such a true sentiment! I couldn’t have said any better what your words expressed. That truly is a beautiful image that they will treasure forever.

perfectly said. It is so true.

Love you xx

I would have to agree. This is PERFECT-O!

Love this. :) Every bit of it.
and I can’t wait to see photos of YOUR family, Raye.

Love this! Such a beautiful image – and touching post!

Holy wow. I love this image! Hello. Consider me your newest fan. :)

I can’t believe I haven’t commented on this yet. Mindy did a PHENOMENAL job on these, and how can she not with how beautiful your family is! I am truly green with envy :) Can’t wait for you and Kerianne to visit San Diego again :)).

Wonderfully said, and amazingly captured!

hello virginia . newborn travel photographer

Just when I thought I was done with traveling for photo sessions this year, I get a wonderful email from Stephanie Beaty of Lifeographer and The Maternal Lens, who was due with baby #3.

With a little rearranging of the schedule, I was able to hop on a plane to Norfolk, VA a few weeks later to photograph the dark haired beauty who unlike her brothers, made her arrival almost right on time. A sweet, relaxed, adored, loved little girl who will not know her daddy’s arms until December when he returns from serving our country.

How special are photos…how meaningful…how necessary…yet how many times delayed.

On the plane I thought a lot about my goals and such as an artist. What I want to say and how I want to say it. What I want to create and how I want to create it. I felt a spark.

Thank you Virginia.


outdoor newborn photography with mother in leaves and grass

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Divine is the word! Such ethereal softness and beautiful, what a precious babe!

She is absolutely perfect in every single way. Raye, you captured her beauty in your gorgeously amazing style. Stephanie, I am so excited for you… the biggest of congratulations on such a sweet addition to your family.

i adore the images, sweet baby girl and you lovely lady. ox.

What gorgeous photos, R. Such a peacefulness to all of these. I love them so much. So wonderful you could document her newness for her daddy while he’s deployed. xoxo

Oh my, those are stunning. That hair, she is gorgeous. I love the toes image, the pov is outstanding!! Very beautiful work:)

Raye – I am speechless. These are a gift beyond measure — thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the photos I could not have. Her daddy will treasure these and so will I. Your work will forever be imprinted on our hearts. A most grateful mama, Stephanie

Stephanie! What a precious doll you have there! I love her hair! And beautiful photos as well. <3

Gasp – these are amazing. Oh, what a precious, darling, beautiful wee girlie!

Each photograph is more beautiful that the last – her precious curls, the tiny out-flung leg, you’ve captured the essence of those first weeks beautifully. These are truly lovely images of a beautiful little girl.

Raye… What beautiful pieces of art these are! Absolutely admire Stephanie for her contributions to others and she makes such a cute squishy baby too!

Amazing newborn images! And what a beautiful baby! Gorgeous hair. Such a cutie.


This are beautiful! We are friends of the Beaty’s and I know they both will treasure these! Great photos!

These are so lovely.

Beautiful work to compliment this beautiful mother and baby. Not only is Stephanie talented, she keeps very talented company, too! Congratulations on a beautiful shoot!

These are incredibly adorable.

Just beautiful Raye! I love how you see the world!

oh raye, these are absolutely beautiful!

Michele Wilson

Beautiful photos! I do not get to see Stephanie and her beautiful family often enough, so these really hit the “friendship spot”! Thank you for such lovely work!


What a beautiful story and what amazing photos! You do truely incredible work! I believe you capture the world the way God wants us to see it. What a blessing your photography is and what a blessing this baby girl is! She’s stunning!

Pure magic…
These are some of the most beautiful newborn photos I have ever seen.

These are all so gorgeous but I especially love those last ones with Mom in the grass. So precious!

These are stunning. I love how soft the ones of her are, but my favorites are of her with her mother. <3

So adorable Raye!!!

Totally divine. LOVE the mama and baby shots.

Your pictures are seriously AMAZING.

Seattle Washington family photography part two . travel sessions

I have so many family sessions to share…it seems that I am posting backwards lately.

This year has been full of on-location travel shoots and I was very excited when Melissa Corcoran flew me out to Seattle to photograph her family. She found the perfect backdrop for me with a golden setting sun, grasses, and even a barn or two. I think I squealed out loud many times during the session when I saw theses images looking back at me through my viewfinder.

My favorite part about photographing families is that nothing is planned ahead…everything we do, every moment is right then and there and all my visions simply go to the wayside.

beautiful family of four posed by raye law

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Wow! These are stunning, beautiful captures of this loving and gorgeous family! Mel must be all teared up and so happy Raye!

love these! what treasures.

Raye, These are killer! Mel, you must be DYING right now!! In love with these!

OMG, love every single one! I’m always amazed by how much varitey you get out of a session. These are perfection!

Oh R, I just have no words. Everything you do is magic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxo

Gorgeous images! And Melissa, your family is beautiful.

WOW Raye!!! These are AMAZING. I’ve been a online friend of Mel’s for a few years now! I enjoyed seeing her family through your lens! These are the most beautiful treasures ever!!

Mel- your family is gorgeous! I’m sure your wall is going to be full of these amazing moments!!!

Raye it never ceases to amaze me how you are able to so easily capture the love, energy and free spirit of those you photograph. It is so palpable, it makes me want to jump right into your images and experience that beautiful joy with them. You are incredible, and Mel, your family is utterly divine and delish. I am so happy that the weather, location and Raye gave you the images you dreamed of xx

Ahhhhhhh, there you go again…. making the most beautiful magic I have ever seen. You have such an incredibly huge heart and it shows through your work. Mel, your family is so beautiful and your love for one another shines through these images. xoxo (a hug and a kiss for each of you ;) ).

These images are AMAZING!! They bring tears to my eyes…so magical. Such a beautiful collaboration…a brilliant, gifted photographer and gorgeous, fun-loving family. Thank you both for the constant inspiration! xoxo

These are beautiful and so much fun all at once! Love them!

Wow, these are so beautiful. You captured them all so perfectly. Gorgeous work!! Love them all!!

beautiful images. I love your work and love following your blog. :)

Such great family portraits to be cherished. Nice work!

These are just beautiful!!!!

Soooo very heartwarming.