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Blissful Babes & Beautiful Bumps . Outdoor Maternity and Newborn photographer in Fort Smith, Arkansas

I thought this post was fitting for my extra-special announcement at the very bottom end of this entry.

This summer, the heat was brutal…I chose to reschedule most of the family sessions to when the temp returned to 90 degrees and under. So, instead many glowing mommas to be and newborn babies filled my studio. Another reason I simply could not take the heat, was that I am expecting our own sweet miracle!

beautiful maternity and newborn images by raye law

If you have made it this far, let me introduce to you our baby GIRL arriving in January 2012.


I will be taking maternity leave beginning in November.

Sessions are extremely limited for fall.



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So amazing.. i loved each and every photo on this blog post… just dreamy and perfect. Congrats again on your baby girl!!! So excited for you to experience a relationship with a DAUGHTER!! Wooo! xxx

Lyndsey Taylor

So sweet Raye! Again, congratulations to your precious family!

Firstly congratulations…wonderful news :) Secondly, such beauty in your images. They warmed my heart this Tuesday. x

I have missed seeing your images! Your works is unmatched. There is so much beauty behind each shot. I am so happy for you and can not wait to see what you do with your little bundle. xo

Each image in this post is divine, but my favorite is the very last one. Congratulations Raye x

Congratulations Raye! You will love having a girl and I can’t wait to see the newborn photographs of her.

beautiful. real. simply pure. and a big congrats to you! so exciting. :-)

Congratulations!!! I’m SO excited for your family! :)

Simply stunning images! Congratulations on your upcoming new addition!

Such beautiful images. Congratulations on your new baby! Our little girl is due in Jan too. Can’t wait!!!

ah these are so incredibly sweet :) Really, they make my heart gush. Also, congrats on your pregnancy! So exciting!

love .. family .. photographs . Jonesboro, AR photographer

I don’t know why I’m surprised or what I expected, but again, you captured our kids like no other photographer/artist ever could. Even with the crankiness and cold, you brought out the best in our family. I know I’ve told you a thousand times, but I am so thankful to have found you 3.5yrs ago when we first adopted our newborn baby. And now, I have gotten to share two other adoptions with you…we are blessed. In life. In love. And in photography. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lyns (and the rest of the rowdy bunch ;)


The Taylor family from Jonesboro, AR seems to grow with every session – both in number and in love.


lyndsey taylor adopted family in photographs by raye law

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I’m in love with this session! The first picture melts my heart!

Absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE this family’s story as told through your images, Raye. They so beautiful together, and I love how this family has chosen *you* to document their love.

I’ve been watching this family grow through your lens for a few years now and fall a little more in love with them each time. Such a beautiful family full of love… you captured them perfectly once again. :)

these are amazing..


The 4th to last image….made me tear up :-) You are able to capture so much more… captured the heart of this beautiful family! :-) from one of your many FB fans!

Raye, These are amazing. What a gift you have given them.

Each image makes my heart sing….

Where is the LOVE button?!? Swoon…these are absolutely perfect, beautiful images. What a treasure.

Absolute perfection… I adore these images so deeply so I can only imagine how much the family treasures them. I feel like I kind of know them because we have seen them grow through your lens.


So amazing! I love every one of them! You have such an amazing talent to “see” the joy in people! Wish I lived closer cuz I would book you every yr to capture my family!!


I haven’t visited your blog for ages. So I am smacking myself on the hand now, because this is what I am missing out on. Heart-stoppingly beautiful imagery. Your photographs are the most gentle, beautiful reminders of what is important, in life and in photographing life. A stunning family, so filled with love, perfectly photographed. Wow.

I love these pics – amazing. So much love.

I came across your website a few months ago and now you continue to be my source of inspiration. When I just viewed this post I literally cried. You capture beauty, true beauty…happiness……..emotion. Everything a family IS. Thanks so much for sharing your art. It’s perfect in everyway. ♥

Lexi Jackson

These pictures are so much more than pictures… they capture the moment in which the family shares for the camera. These pictures are amazing.

my two loves

Back in January, on a snowy day, I began two of my very favorite things – a memory of one line a day journal and a roll of b/w film for my boys.

My film temptation began in 2010 with a tiny Golden Half camera which I took on my travels to Halifax and Seattle. Then a couple of rolls Fuji Spectra later, I am wanting more. I love the real, honest, grit, and overall emotional feeling film gives me. I hope to and yearn to shoot more of it for my own.

Nikon F100 – 50mm 1.4G @ 1.4
Fuji Neopan expired B/W 400 film

fine art film portrait of children laughing


brothers in black and white film natural light

artistic black and white childrens feet



The second greatest thing I have made a habit for in 2011 is starting a memory journal for my boys written in my hand. I keep this beside my bed at night and write down just a few sentences of what stood out for me that day, whether it be funny thing said, or what movie we watched for our ritual family movie night. I hope that my boys will be able to look back on any day and see just how our world did revolve around them and that their childhood was filled with magic.

One Line a Day - Five Year memory book

One Line a Day - Five Year memory book


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Oh how I love these! You inspire me to shoot my film camera more – just for me. And also, my one line a day journal sits here on my desk and often gets left empty. How hard can it be to keep up with it? I must try harder. Thanks for the nudge. xoxo

Oh I just absolutely LOVE these!!! Stunning and beautiful and REAL.

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

making time .. Fort Smith Arkansas childrens photographer


How on earth do you do it every time?

You see my children through your lens the same beautiful way I see them with mother’s eyes.

Thank you for capturing them perfectly to a T. I am so glad we finally made time.



brother and sister pictures playing in flower field together


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Oh so pretty! Love the colors so much. So spring. And what beautiful children. I just love what Mom wrote. :)

sooo very sweet :)

These are so beautiful!

Amanda Ewing

So beautiful! Great shots of such sweet kiddos!!

Greg (Dad)

you are always able to reflect through your pictures our kids personality! These are so awesome. I love the one of Miles jumping over Norah. That is an everyday occurence as you can tell by Norah’s lack of reaction!! We are so blessed to have you capture these great memories!

irish twins .. newborn photographer

Last week’s sweet note from a Conway, AR client reminded me of an adorable newborn and baby photography session that needed sharing.

We also got our canvas today- Amazing! Courtney spotted it when she walked in the house and started saying “baby, baby, baby”!! So much fun!!
Thank you for helping us preserve this amazing time in our lives!
You truly are the best!!
Robin, Clint, Courtney, and Paden

Irish twins…born almost exactly one year apart.

And by the love that older sister showed her baby brother on that cold winter day, one year apart was simply one year too long.




Want more details about a newborn portrait session? Contact Raye with your due date if you are expecting and interested in a newborn session.

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How adorable! You captured the sweetness and love of both babies so perfectly! What a treasure these images will surely be for these children as they grow up together. Gorgeous session!

oh my goodness!!! these are the cutest!!!! amazing photos!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! So sweet!! These are absolutely priceless.

LOVE! so adorable, so real, so raye.

I think these are my favourite of yours to date! So so adorable!

holy cow I think I just had my overload of CUTENESS!!!!!

oooooh. emmmmmm. geeeeeee! wow. so flippin’ amazing. can hardly get a 3 year old to interact with their newborn sibling as well as you do!!! so so precious!


This reminds me of my sweet babies! who are now 4 and 3 we adopted them and they are 11 months apart!

Melt my heart!


makes my heart glad! What treasures!

Just beautiful!

Hi! I love these pictures! :) My girls Alyssa (2) and Addison (3 months NEW :) ) are just like this… Beautiful pictures!!!

OMG you had a set of Irish twins too?? I just photographed a newborn and her older brother was 11 months old! You did fantastic with these!

Omg, cuteness overload!!!

STUNNING. I couldn’t leave the post without a comment. These are so beautiful – the color is outstanding. The expressions priceless. So beautifully composed and presented. Love your work, but I SUPER love this session. Thanks for sharing.

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absolutely wonderful. the 1 year old’s expressions could not be any more adorable or perfect. makes me think of my own “irish twins”… love!


I love the way they look, they’re full of love and timely captured!

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maria erasto

My heart is melting…im yearning fo my future kids.