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to be 4 again

when climbing, jumping, running, throwing, laughing, hugging, playing is the only thing on your daily agenda. Life isView full post »

another fieldtrip

Despite a bit of mushy ground from all the rain this October has given me, one of the fall fields has had many visitorsView full post »

he better get used to it

This little bean belongs to the eye behind the camera at Julie Jones Photography. I think it is safe to say that JulieView full post »

did you miss the fun? Susan G Komen benefit

The 4th annual Raye Law Photography fall MINI Event was held this past weekend. Much of the proceeds will be going toView full post »

a mix of old and new

Recognize this beauty? For years, her family has driven all the way from Kentucky to have sessions with me. How ironic,View full post »

gold is now my favorite color

…or at least this fall it is! Gold flowers…gold light…ah…makes my heart happy. We’ve hadView full post »

feeling the magic

Not sure if I have the words for this long post…I just kept pulling more images to show. Our session got rainedView full post »

worth getting wet

I loooove clouds, I do NOT loooove rain. Clouds make my job so much easier…I don’t have to face the sun, myView full post »

they make a great pair

Another set of brothers came to the studio this week. Such a sweet pair…I know mama has her hands full but oh isView full post »