my two loves

Back in January, on a snowy day, I began two of my very favorite things – a memory of one line a day journal and a roll of b/w film for my boys.

My film temptation began in 2010 with a tiny Golden Half camera which I took on my travels to Halifax and Seattle. Then a couple of rolls Fuji Spectra later, I am wanting more. I love the real, honest, grit, and overall emotional feeling film gives me. I hope to and yearn to shoot more of it for my own.

Nikon F100 – 50mm 1.4G @ 1.4
Fuji Neopan expired B/W 400 film

fine art film portrait of children laughing


brothers in black and white film natural light

artistic black and white childrens feet



The second greatest thing I have made a habit for in 2011 is starting a memory journal for my boys written in my hand. I keep this beside my bed at night and write down just a few sentences of what stood out for me that day, whether it be funny thing said, or what movie we watched for our ritual family movie night. I hope that my boys will be able to look back on any day and see just how our world did revolve around them and that their childhood was filled with magic.

One Line a Day - Five Year memory book

One Line a Day - Five Year memory book


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Oh how I love these! You inspire me to shoot my film camera more – just for me. And also, my one line a day journal sits here on my desk and often gets left empty. How hard can it be to keep up with it? I must try harder. Thanks for the nudge. xoxo

Oh I just absolutely LOVE these!!! Stunning and beautiful and REAL.

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

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