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How is it that my favorite image of the entire mini session event is the one that is uplanned, unposed, and unprepared?

This is Kristina Thomas. A mommy of three beautiful girls who is just about to celebrate 1 year post breast cancer.

I asked her to help me the day of the minis which benefited Susan G Komen. And her girls were the last ones I photographed that day. She came directly from her walk in the race for the cure with no intentions of being in the frame.

She had not picked out a perfect matching outfit. She had not dieted that week. She had not touched up her makeup or had her hair done or worried about what shoes would be right or if they would be in the photo.

Ask her now if that mattered.

I asked my mom this week what photo of her and her mother was her favorite, her most cherished. She knew immediately. It was one that was taken a just a few years before my grandmother had passed away. She had just worked in a cafe grilling hamburgers not looking her best, hair up and even a bit sweaty. But they are together. And happy.

What will your kids say?

This week I have an awesome friend coming from L.A. to photograph my own family. This is what has me thinking about my own insecurities about being on that “other” side of the camera.

25 years from now…when I look back through all my photographs, what will I want to remember? Hopefully, I will be that person that sees through what we were wearing, or what we looked like, or if there was a bump on the head, or a double-chin…and just see the beauty of those years when we were parents to 2 awesomely unique little boys who filled each day with craziness and laughter and meltdowns. Yes, I want to be taken back to that day. Where we like to snuggle and kiss and hug and play and wrestle. This is why I am a photographer…and I type this to remind myself.
love raye xo
pictures of sisters posed outdoors in golden light by raye law
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Perfect shot! And perfect post. It’s hard to remember to take a step back from the planning and perfecting and just to let your guard down. These type of photos are my favorite and even more so when they are so treasured by the people in them.


I am in sweat pants, I have no make up on and the kids dresses are not perfectly placed. But, the image is perfect. It captured who we are and how we really are together. A moment I never want to forget. Thank you Raye

perfect image. perfect words.

Raye, what a sweet story and shot – I’m so glad you were able to capture that for them. I’m also so so glad that you will be photographed with your boys, I know so very deeply that you will treasure having that with them. You are beautiful inside and out, there is nothing to be insecure about, I hope you will forget the camera is even there and enjoy a sweet time with your family. Hope you share a few images from your session when its complete, have a wonderful weekend!

Agreed! Perfect picture!

I love this.. love it. The words, the pictures, your thoughts, the whole thing. Thank you for sharing!

What a touching photo and touching sentiments. Thank you. I am a new fan!

Thank you for sharing this, Raye. I have been thinking about this exact same thing for the past couple of weeks and you stated it perfectly. Love the image–perfectly perfect.

Such a true sentiment! I couldn’t have said any better what your words expressed. That truly is a beautiful image that they will treasure forever.

perfectly said. It is so true.

Love you xx

I would have to agree. This is PERFECT-O!

Love this. :) Every bit of it.
and I can’t wait to see photos of YOUR family, Raye.

Love this! Such a beautiful image – and touching post!

Holy wow. I love this image! Hello. Consider me your newest fan. :)

I can’t believe I haven’t commented on this yet. Mindy did a PHENOMENAL job on these, and how can she not with how beautiful your family is! I am truly green with envy :) Can’t wait for you and Kerianne to visit San Diego again :)).

Wonderfully said, and amazingly captured!

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