one day…

My friend, Mindy Harris of Los Angeles’ Pastel Photography, spent 4 days with our family capturing us being us  – our silly, crazy, loving wonderful life, complete with wild hair, dirty fingernails, kisses, wrestling, cuddles. How I am forever indebted to her.

Mindy, I love them and you. Thank you – theses images are more than I ever could have dreamed. You are a one-of-a-kind talent and I cannot wait to see you again come March in North Carolina! Here are a few but see more than 70, yes SEVENTY, more at her blog.

One day…when I am old and gray, my boys will have the following images to look back at and remember. I want them to remember our love, our snuggles, our dorkiness, and how they are our world.

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They are wonderful!

Wow, these are stunning. I love how she always seems to capture true love.

I am in love with her work! You have such a beautiful family! What a gift!

I absolutely LOVE following both you AND Pastel, so this post was an extra good one! Your family is gorgeous and she did a great job. Thanks for all the inspiration, both of you!


What beautiful photos. You are so right about getting in front of the lens. Even without being a photographer, it is usually me taking the photos when our family goes anywhere. Note to self: let someone else take the photos every now and again!

PS. Your boys are gorgeous!

wow, gorgeous!!! i would LOVE to have pictures like this of my family. lucky lady!! you are all beautiful!

Soooo beautiful they made me cry, its wonderful that Mindy could capture the love in your family like you do for others.

Wow Raye, I LOVE these!!!!! Such sweet images of your family!

You and your family are just beautiful. And so lucky to have such a talented friend to capture the love shown in these photographs!

what can I say but absolutely breathtaking Raye. I adore the way she captured your beautiful little family xxx

Such absolutely beautiful family pics!!! What a treasure your friend was able to create for you! Just lovely!

These are just beautiful…. :)

First of all…your family is beautiful! What lovely pictures!

Second…about the tile for the backsplash. I just blogged about it answering your question. Here is the link. :)

I was just there at her blog and I could not get over how beautiful your family is. Wow. Just amazing. I could see the love and happiness in every shot : ) Wonderful beyond belief! How will you ever pick what to frame?

Raye these are amazing… your family is *so* gorgeous and happy. These images just made me smile.

Oh wow, these are absolutely stunning. Nice to **see** you again Raye (I met you at Inspire Me in Queensland, Aust. Your family is totally gorgeous, and you all look so happy and in love :)

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