Australia 2010

It’s been two weeks since we got back from the Gold Coast of Australia – Surfers Paradise. There I was a part of a workshop (InspireMe 2010) along with Ashley Skjaveland and Brianna Graham.

Now that I am home, I get asked how we enjoyed our trip. I have to say that a smile always comes across my face. So many beautiful experiences my family got to have there.

Along with the amazing time shopping and exploring, I also worked…teaching 4 groups of photographers over 2 weeks time on “Photographing the Family Connection”. There was awesome kindred spirits there. I fell in love with each group that sat in front of me. Thank you all for your kindness and sharing.

Below are the families, babies, and children who I photographed at the end of each day for the classes to see the techniques that I use and speak of in action.

I was so excited that I had a field to shoot in. And even better, a beach just steps away… ah….to be back there again.

First up: Australian Pro Rugby player for the Gold Coast Titans – Nathan Friend and his gorgeous family.

photographing nathan friend family

nathan friend family

family photographer teacher speaker

gold coast family photographer workshop speaker

nathan friend family

nathan friend family

nathan friend family

2nd group: Amazing photographer Lana Bell of Little Posers and her beautiful kids and hubby.

lana bell of little posers family

lana bell of little posers family

mum and baby portraits

dad and daughter family portraits

baby swinging portrait

black and white family portraits

australia beach photographer

black and white family beach portraits

3rd group: Another fabulous photographer Jemma Entriken of White Wish Photography with her darling bunch.

white wish family photography

black and white family portraits

brisbane australia baby photography

family photography

child photography

brisbane australia baby photography

brisbane australia family photography

Last day: This family was all about play! The fun and creative team of Matt and Katie photographers filmed this particular shoot. I can’t wait to see what they got!

tattoed dad holding up daughter

artistic black and white family portraits

the outdoor family photographer

outdoor australian family portraits

australia child photographer

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What an amazing set of photos! You are such a talent, R. Australia is so lucky!

All these photos are gorgeous Raye! :) It was so great meeting you! Make sure you come back to Australia soon! Love Katie.

I love these! Spending the day with you was one of the highlights of my year! So glad you came for InspireMe xx

Raye!!!!! I have been patiently waiting and OMG the wait is worth it! LOVE. Just totally LOVE. Thank you so much xx

Simone Carter

These are all so inspiring Raye – you made such a positive impact on my photography journey and i truly hope we cross paths again one day. Us Aussies certainly are lucky to have had you here :-) xo

LOVE , LOVE, LOVE all of them. These familes are so lucky:) You are so inspiring Raye and I loved meeting you, hope to see come back here!

Raye, you were a breath of fresh air my love. Just awesome – We all wished you lived closer. Such a remarkable talent, yet such a beautful soul…thank you time and again for coming xxxx

My friend, these are AMAZING. We were so lucky to have you, spend time with you and learn from you. These families are even luckier have you capture their love. Such fond memories – thank you for the laughs. See you soooooooon! xx

Trish Reed

It was such an honour to see you in action!!!! WOW you are awesome. i want to be you when I grow UP :)

Raye – these are just fabulous … (I expected them to be and am not at all disappointed). It was so lovely to meet you at Inspireme. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spirit with us.

unbelievably beautiful!!!! please come back to california to photograph the whole M gang!!!

OMG – I’m squealing for both of you girls – Lana & Jemma. Seriously, these are absolutely amazing and beautiful. Each and every single one. Raye, you are such a talent and such an inspiration. At the heart of your beautiful images is a wonderful mind and personality. Raye, my life is a little better for being in your company for a few days, and how I wish you could photograph my family! xxx

Wow these are all so very beautiful, Raye!! Glad you had a wonderful time. :)

beautiful images!! i love your processing and black and whites =)

These are all so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! They are absolutely magical…. I just keep staring and staring. You ROCKED Australia, R!!!!!!!

Stunning… WOW~

these are so seriously beautiful. thankyou again for flying alway over to the other side of the world to teach us, we just had a ball hanging out with the crazy girl from Arkansas with the most adorable accent.


Ahh, sweet memories coming back. Thanks for all that your shared Raye!

Oh! LOVE the first one of the mom swinging her little girl in the field. Gorgeous. They all are though- looks like it was a very successful trip. :)

There is a special, magical kind of wonderfulness in your family images, Raye–no matter where you go. Love all of these!

Gorgeous family photos, so inspirational!

i’m glad that it was such a wonderful experience for you raye, these photos are absolutely fabulous!

Fiona ogilvie

Raye it truly was a pleasure meeting you. Tanya is going to be thrilled ( little Minnie, Audrey,lulu, and hubby Chris) will be wrapped. I love your relaxed honest approach to photography capturing what Is already there. Thank you


GORGEOUS families. So many favorites!


Thanks for everything you taught us Raye, we were so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from you and watch you work. Such beautiful photos xoxo

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