worth getting wet

outdoor baby fall field flowers in bed

I loooove clouds, I do NOT loooove rain. Clouds make my job so much easier…I don’t have to face the sun, my locations are not limited, and the subject’s eyes can open up big and wide to let some soft light in – all of these things make for great photographs. I do crave my backlighting, but the field above faces west, so unless we trekked through to the middle to turn around, it would be a no-go on sunny days.

With all the rain, natural areas turned a bit mushy – something I wouldn’t have to worry about with concrete, pavement or this dirt road, but I think…it was worth me standing in ankle deep ditch water for the shot above.

the arkansas baby photographer

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What a great session Raye and what a cutie pie!! I love them all!

Ashley Boyd

They are soooo good!! Thanks Raye your the best:)

Jeanne Shaw

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

what a cutie. she’s such a good subject :)

Seriously, could these images (or her!) be any more gorgeous?? LOVE!

these are sooo wonderful!! i love these!

Beautiful in every way. Love your captures of this gorgeous family.

Brooke Scarlet

Wow, I cant believe that it’s already been a year since you took her first pics~ These are wonderful (as usual!) :)

Totally worth it! I love clouds too. Makes photography so much easier! Beautiful session :D

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