a very special session


Little T had the first session after my return from California. He is such a calm baby with almost another sense about him. You can feel it when you hold him. It makes sense though because he is special. A gift for his mother from his father before his daddy’s untimely passing not long after they found out they were pregnant. I am told that his father, Thomas Culp, was a brilliant teacher and good man. I can see glimpses of him in his family now of 3.

Thomas lives on through them. And how it gave me chills when I found out that that his son was born on his birthday. To see their story visit their blog and also say a prayer or two for these sweet babies and their unworldly strong mama.


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What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing – the photos are wonderful!

Wonderful images and the story is so touching. I love his little dimple on his ear (from her blog) and her faith is amazing. – bridget

My heart skipped a beat when I read their amazing story and I’m so glad they picked such an outstanding photographer to capture this special time in their lives! Raye- these are BEAUTIFUL!

What a touching story. Beautiful images, Raye.

Raye! I don’t have the right words to express my gratitude for our session you gave us. You captured my sweet babies’ spirits in your photographs. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and for your (and others who have commented on your blog)kind sentiments.

I have no words Raye – what a beautifully touching story and the images… well, they are amazing as always. x

These are SO amazing, Raye. What a gift.

Bonnie, you look SO beautiful. A beautiful example of strength and faith. Baby T is precious!

Thank you so much for taking these beautiful pictures of Bonnie and her kids. I know that they are a blessing to her. They make me just want to scoop Little T up and kiss all over him! They’re beautiful! I wish you lived closer :)

The photos are so incredibly beautiful and their story is absolutely heartfelt. What a strong family and it is so wonderful to see this sweet little boy being celebrated in such a gorgeous way! Amazing…

oh my goodness.. i caught my breath reading their story. beautiful images, he is beautiful, what a beautiful family, thanks for sharing

Julie H.

The Culp family is amazing! Bonnie and I are dear friends and the way you captured her love for her babies is so uplifting in these photos. Your kind words brought tears to my eyes as I to see Thomas in both of his children.

Just stunning as usual Raye! post them on Beyond…and also wanted to tell you to put your “gear” there as someone was looking for one of the items. Hugs

amazing work!


wow.. these are some great shots.. You should feature your services/products on the Fort-smith community, classifieds section.

Wow, chilling story. And beautiful family. Great work Raye.

Awe what a touching story…you’ve definitely given this family an amazing gift.

Amazing…and a what a gift :)

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