naturally smitten


Gorgeous family of three came last week for an outdoor session. The weather was pretty good giving us some nice backlighting at first, then a big cloud came in to give us some variety. Baby B took everything, surrounding him all in. He absolutely wowed me with his wide-eyed looks that flaunted those long lashes he got from his mama. And although typically Mr. Serious, he can’t hide a smile when he sees his daddy…

They brought along a heirloom rocking chair – isn’t it fab? And B showed off his funny face at the very end of the session that I had been dying to see – I was smitten. Gosh he is one cute dude.

Enjoyed photographing your little man…


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The one of him sitting on the cushion in the field is perfect! What a smile!

Brian and Ashley

Raye! The pics are awesome and you are amazing! Thank you for being so observent and focusing on what we appreciate most!!

Renee Durham

These are precious!!! #4 is my favorite…. Renee

AWww baby bennett is just too precious!!! Beautiful family!!

perfect. simply perfect. loooove the clouds in the second shot. wow. :)

Mariah Williamson

LOVE LOVE LOVE All of them! Brought tears to my eyes!

Raye these are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! And yes…the Ahlert’s are a very Natural Family…absolutely beautiful!!!

Nancy Ahlert

What a beautiful family! Love the rocking chair. I am a very proud Nanah Nancy.

stunning, every single image!

oh my word…he is adorable!! such fantastic shots! the chair is great..and so is his smile! gorgeous session, raye.

Cindy Weber

What a beautiful family! Raye is adorable! It is obvious you are all very much in love with each other.

Cindy Weber

Oops! Bennett is adorable! Great work Raye!


#7 is my fav. These are just beautiful, I didn’t even know you were getting them done. Raye, we do everything the Ahlert’s do, so be expecting some new clients!!! Just gorgeous.

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I am sure that Ashley appreciates them too!
@Heather – LOL & would love to meet you. Contact me anytime although I will be out of town this weekend.

Lisa Lintz

This child is beautiful. Great job, Raye!

oh my goodness, you captured such adorable expressions from him, and I love the cushion and chair in the field shots. You have such a magical quality to your work!

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