beautiful inside & out


Beauty shines inside and out with this mom and 3 girls. Not only is Kristina a long-time client, but she has become a good friend as well. Now she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer – a disease I know too well in my family. Please give her (as well as these sisters) your prayers as she makes her recovery.

I also want to take a minute to say that it really is never too early for a mammogram. K is only 31 and I am sure she will want me to use this opportunity to remind others to do self exams. Doctors are wonderful, but you have to do your part.

K – love you and your courage and strength through this. I hope these images are some good-medicine for today.





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shanno treadway

Gorgeous family! Prayers sent to her and her family!


My thoughts and prayers are with K and her family.

What a gorgeous family! Lots of prayers your way.

Jodi Bell

Breast cancer is also an unfortunate familiarity in my family as well. As heartwrenching as the diagnosis is, I have seen some amazing women have some amazing recoveries, and K is no exception I’m sure! Blessings to her and her sweet family, and lots of prayers from Texas.

Beautiful family and lovely images. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers K’s way:).

Beautiful images. I hope that they are some good medicine for her as well.


K is a very strong person! Thank you so much Raye for being there for her during all of this! You have captured not only pictures of beautiful people but beautiful moments shared between K and her girls! Thank you for sharing this blog!

She looks like such a good mother with all her girls climbing all over her in that 1st pic. God bless her! I will send good thoughts her way through her recovery.


My prayers are with this beautiful family. May God be with them during each step of this journey.

Many thoughts and prayers for her and her family. Such a beautiful woman and lovely family. Beautiful images, R. What a gift to her at this difficult time.

I will keep Kristina and her family in my prayers and pass on her story to keep other women aware. I am 31, and after reading this, I’m taking my own health into my control. Thank you for sharing this!

Beautiful photographs, beautiful family. Sending thoughts & prayers. I know with those beautiful kid’s love to inspire her, she will beat this thing.

what precious girls and a beautiful momma! My prayers are with her and her family through this trying time.


These are amazing Raye! May God lift her up and give her strength. I believe of the power of prayer and the will to live, she can do this. I too will pray for her and her beautiful family.

Such a gorgeous family. Lots of prayers and good thoughts going their way!!!


These are beautiful! My own journey has included a walk through the land of breast cancer at 40 and it’s not easy but every time she looks in the faces of those beautiful daughters it will give her the courage and strength to face what lies ahead. Many prayers!!

hi i really like this images. thanks

Kristina, I know how very special you are to Raye and how much she is praying for you. You are a wonderful mother and friend and I am sending lots of blessings your way. Stay strong… xx.

Sending all my prayers to Kristina. As usual, you have captured such beautiful images, love them all.

God Bless her and her beautiful family. Sending prayers her way. Beautiful work, as always.

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