long and curly

Little man came to see me at day 10. He has some of the longest toes (and fingers) I’ve seen and was so curly that I really didn’t have to pose him too much. Photographing newborns is such a passion of mine. I love seeing what each likes (and dis-likes) as they seem to come out day 1 with their own little personality and preferences. He loved to tuck his arms underneath him and he loved to be patted and often. His little cry was adorably shrill and I couldn’t get enough of him. :)

[And for the photographers: With all these newborns, I started reminding myself to pull out my macro lens as you can see from the detail shots. All of this session was shot with natural light although I tend to mix with my Westcott softbox.]

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Those are so sweet! Such a teaser! I can’t WAIT to see the rest. Thank you so much for your hardwork and patience, it obviously pays off. You’re amazing :)

What a beautiful baby! And you captured him perfectly, Raye. I was going to say that I love the macro shots, but then I thought, no, the black and white wrapped in the scarf, but then I thought, no, really it’s the shots with mom and dad. So really, I just love them all:).

gorgeous beyond words…. absolute perfection.

Lisa Lintz

Love them all, especially the lip shot. Great job Raye!

wow…what a perfect little guy! and the images, everyone of them takes my breath away. love the little green wrap, too.

your work is incredible.
i adore the photo of the lips and baby toes.
i am hoping to pick up a copy of the Professional Photographer today.
congrats on the publication!

Oh my goodness, these are so sweet! These are just great.

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