twin boys

I don’t know if you can feel the excitement in my typing, but I am still on a “photographer’s high” from our shoot. I immediately knew I wanted to do a heart shot  after seeing one done by my friends Carrie and Britt of Baby As Art.

Baby J and Baby L were 13 days old Tuesday. They are assumed identical because they shared a placenta but different sacks. But me and mom agree that we can tell them apart after getting to know them a bit. You can ask any client that has come for a newborn session, I love to take over and give mom a break. So I tend to feed (when there is a bottle), change diapers, etc. This time though mom and dad had to help me out a little ;)

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My goodness, I’m speachless! Amazing!!!!!

You rocked this twin session!! I love how they’re holding hands! Did they do that them selves?? So precious!

beyond spectacular! these are soooo beautiful!!


These are so far beyond incredible! Every single one of these should be on huge canvases!! Wonderful works of art Raye!

There are all just perfection, Raye. The bond between them is already so evident. These parents are lucky to have such beautiful boys and to have had you capture them so amazingly:).


OMG!!! I am in love with the one on his back. I cant even imagine how they are going to choose. Great Work!!!

WOW! These are WONDERFUL! What cuties! Raye, you did such a great job with them; they’re so cuddly. :)

What an amazing gift you have. Just stunning!!

beyond beautiful. so sweet. Amazing job, R.

oh my goodness.
these are amazing.
such gorgeous babies & photos!

Melissa E


Can you believe it’s been such a circus around here that I haven’t even been able to comment??? These are just amazing…that’s all I can say! I can’t wait to see all of them. Thank you so much!

Raye, I just love all your work, your images are always sooo gorgeous!

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